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Bayrisches Hauptmünzamt Wappen

1. Foreword

isoOver 800 years old, the oldest company in Munich, the Bavarian State Mint, stands for first quality, not only in the sector of circulation coins and collector coins, but also in the range of the production of seals and medals.

In the past centuries the value of the metal was important for the quality and rating of coins, but today, in the time of mechanisation, the requirement is the specific quality of the coins. This requirement is influenced in different ways for example by the wishes and proposals of vested interests, such as the association of the blind or the vending industry but also by the aspect of preventing the coins from being counterfeited.

In the course of this development the Bavarian State Mint has focused and focuses on new methods and technologies both in production and realisation of quality controls. Furthermore by cooperating with the supplier industry and the customer we try to be actively involved in this development. The system is an intersection point between supplier and customer, and has been proved to be of value during the more than 50 years of production of the “German Mark” coins and because of its flexibility will be of further value e.g. in the production of Euro coins. Thus the Bavarian State Mint is the ideal partner for customers with high demands, as is shown by the many orders from foreign countries.

Thus the Bavarian State Mint has good preconditions in the narrow sector of coin and metal production for the development and extension of a permanent position in the competative global market.

So the Bavarian State Mint has good preconditions for the global competition in the narrow sector of coin and medal production to build up and to expend a permanent position on the market. 

2. The Bavarian State Mint in general

The Bavarian State Mint is in addition to Berlin, Stuttgart, Karlsruhe and Hamburg one of the five German State Mints. At present 21% of the German circulation coins are minted here. These coins are identifiable by the mintmark “D”, which was assigned during the adoption of the prerogative of coinage during the German Empire in 1871.

As a firm belonging to the Bavarian State the Bavarian State Mint is a profit making business. Besides the production of circulation coins we manufacture collector coins and medals as well as seals for public authorities and admistration in Bavaria.

The new building in Zamdorfer Strasse, where the Bavarian State Mint is now located, was finished, and we moved there in 1986, because there was no possibility of continuing the required business at the factory at “Alten Marstall”.